About Me

My Story

Welcome to my new and updated personal blog! My name is Jennifer da Silva. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Saviour many years ago. Forever and always, Jesus is my everything.

I started this blog in 2008 which initially started about me writing about my Christian faith which was still (and is still) so very much important to me.  At the time, I personally hoped (and I still do hope) that this blog inspires people to get to know Jesus – whether they are new to the faith, already have a relationship with Him or who don’t even know Him at all. I believe that i serve a God who is not only mighty but exciting and by His grace, He uses me to do awesome things in His name to bring people unto Him. Basically, I blog about some these adventures and other stuff.

Since 2006 even, i decided that wherever i would go and whatever i would do, i would tell people about the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, as God saw fit, I served at Brunel University London, as part of the leadership team at one of the Christian societies (TRF) from 2009-2013. Outside of uni,  i spent that time serving in the Young Adults Ministry at my local church as a Connect Group Leader. Fast forward five years, now, you’ll find me serving as a leader at my local Church in London. Outside of Church, well, sometimes i attend business/political events (that type of stuff may creep into the blog too) etc.

I love Jesus with all of my heart and I’m passionate about His purposes and advancing His agenda on earth as it is in Heaven. I believe in this nation and believe that God wants to do (and is doing) great things in the UK, and in particular, I’m excited about the labourers He is raising a up for His Glory from the UK. I truly believe now is the time for the Church in the UK to rise.

On a personal note, I’d say I’m a fun character with a weird sense of humour! I have an eclectic taste in music and I have full life which I enjoy and I travel a lot. Oh and I love tea 🙂 Amongst many things, doing my part to fight against social injustice is so so important to me (and i write about that too). I’m a proud Londoner and work in the City of London  but nowadays you’ll probably find me outside of London in the countryside or up North. I love the Body of Christ, believe in the power of the local Church and I love the UK.