May Update – Graduation + Prophetic Encounter + Barbara Brown Taylor

Hi Friends, 
I hope that you are well. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog 😊 For this month’s blog post, I just wanted to share a few things that the Lord has been doing in my life mostly in the month of May. I hope you enjoy!

Firstly, one of the key things in my life personally was that I graduated from University. Pursuing further study has always been a desire of mine and I just thank God for opening the door to allow me to study a Postgraduate course – I had to wait a few years to start this course however He made a way. He is truly the God of dreams and I praise Him.

The second thing that happened was that my Church hosted a Prophetic Encounter Conference as the General Overseer of my Church was in London. The conference was 2 weeks, so quite simply, 14 days straight Church.

If you are gasping right now, just breathe! 😉 

So from 7pm – 11pm in the evenings people would visit our Church every night, to be a part of the Prophetic Encounter Conference. Honestly, it was pretty good. Every night the Church would be full of people wanting to be in God’s presence. It’s just joyful seeing people encounter God each night, or standing with them whilst they receive their healing and deliverance, or being there when someone gave their life to Jesus. #ChurchGoals

Lastly, at the end of the month, I got an opportunity to do something slightly different. I went to St Paul’s Cathedral in London to hear Barbara Brown Taylor speak at her book tour promoting her new book called ‘Holy Envy’. Barbara is an American Episcopal priest, professor, author and theologian and is one of the United States’ best-known preachers. It was just interesting hearing another’s perspective and listening to her talk about other people’s faith whilst having a solid conviction of her own – that’s how I interpreted it!

Anyways, I am trying to keep my blogs short and sweet, so I’ll wrap this one up for now.

As always, I praying for God’s best for you.

Until the next post!

If He cannot have you then He cannot use you

Hello friends,

I hope that you are well and that you had a good Easter break.
Since the beginning of the year, it has been pretty much non-stop for me, but I thank God for the new opportunities and good things He’s doing in my life. As I get older, I’m more mindful of the fact that it’s not what I do for the Lord but just enjoying and being in His presence. I’m finding that as I do so, I’m finding true peace and wholeness. Serving the Lord Jesus in my opinion is the greatest honour you can have and i personally think that if He cannot have you, then how do you expect Him to use you? It doesn’t make sense, so prioritising that intimacy before Him is crucial before you do anything in His name.

I am inspired by Mark 6:7 , which talks about Jesus sending out the twelve. The Bible says in verse 7 “And He called the twelve to Himself and began to send them out.”
Notice vs 7 starts with being called to Himself and after He sent them out two by two. I have recently heard that the “best” evangelists are the ones who are in love with Jesus as that loves drives us to tell others about Him so that they can encounter Him too.

Serving the Lord is wonderful but knowing Jesus is sweet so I encourage you seek His face more, press into Him more and Love Him more – He is beautiful!


Here are a couple of photo’s of the events I attended in London last month. I thank God for the opportunity to go to each.
Write the vision down (hosted by the Pinky Promise Pres for South East London)//Michelle Obama//Holy Nation Summit 2019

Short Word – Every Moment Matters

Revelations 22:12 – Jesus testifying to the Churches. “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”

I believe that we are in an critical yet exciting hour in the body of Christ.  As a servant of God, i am very conscious of Rev22:12 for Jesus is coming soon. I also believe that there is a mighty end time harvest before us. This is nothing new and i’ve said this before but regarding this moment in time, one thing i will say is that if there is ever a time to pray it’s now, and if there’s a time to get into God’s Word it’s now, because the enemy is not to be underestimated but remember is neither is God almighty.The warfare is real but we have power in the name of Jesus.

Another thing that i feel it’s important to share is this. Going out to make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matt28:19), is not a task for the select few but for all. We’re 4 months into the year right, but maybe it’s me but this year it’s just flying by, and when i switch on the news or go about my life sometimes i just think to myself that He is surely coming quickly. Then the other question that follows after that is, am i just living a comfortable Christian life or am i really advancing God’s agenda in the sphere that He has placed me in? I don’t need a microphone and stage to shout about Jesus (although that’s an option) but am i really sharing about Him and living for Him every day? I wonder.

Time is flying and every moment does matter because God is doing so so much right now and i’d hate for us to miss what He’s doing because we are absorbed in ourselves or our future (which He does care for by the way).  Let’s just pray for His will to be done and get on with it.

Quick update – My eventful weekend

Hi Friends,

I hope that you are well. This weekend has been so eventful and a massive eye-opener highlighting the many current issues affecting society today. Personally, as Christians i don’t think that we should live with our head in the sand regarding the events that’s happening around us, in our communities, cities and churches but rather approach these topics with a heavenly wisdom as it’s clear that people do have a lot questions.

So this weekend i attended the following:
1- Women in Power Event listening to speakers from fields of law, politics and business on Friday North London
    This was hosted on International Womens Day and explored the reality of being a woman with influence in the UK at the moment, as well as reflecting over on the lives of women during the past century

2- TCP (Trauma, The Church and Pyschosis) event on Saturday in South London 

Loved this. This event was discussing the importance of raising awareness and addressing the key stigmas (in and outside of the Church) when it comes to mental health. God willing i’ll be able to unpick this in another post but to summarise here, we explored the practical side of dealing with an individual with an acute mental illness as well as reconcilling that to the spiritual i.e not neglecting prayer and remembering that Jesus died so that we can be free and healed from all transgressions.

3 – Prophetic Encounter (Fri-Sun) event at my home Church North London

Led by a visiting Minister of the Gospel from Canada and he was just a blessing to have with us.

As always and unexpectedly, it just so happened that these events fell at the same weekend, but i’m just glad that i was able to make it to all. There’s so much to say on each event but i am hoping to share some new info with you soon (especially in regards to the Mental Health event). So watch this space more info to follow 🙂

In Christ,

We’re changing the narrative – A Millennial Response

A Millennial Response- we’re changing the narrative.

There’s this guy in my office who hot desks and when he comes into the office, he always brings us fruit. And it’s not long until he starts going on about Millennials, so those of us born between 1981 to 1996 (aged between 23 to 38 ish) . He always seems to make a comment about Millennials and honestly i have no idea (i just say thank you and take the fruit). It also seems that now Christian Millennials are being looked at by Christian organisations too (to learn more about our Christian lifestyles), and some of the findings conducted by these surveys sound alarming. As a Millenial myself, i don’t find these stats particularly encouraging, but i do think that we can do something new or different to change the narrative.

First headline which i read last week by the Barna Group:
“Almost Half of Practicing Christian Millennials Say Evangelism Is Wrong”.
Web link:

Emotions aside, my first response to this headline was what does the scriptures say and most importantly, what does Jesus say? After all, He is who we follow. If there’s one thing i see crippling people it’s fear, and in this context, the fear to cause offence for the Gospel sake. Honestly speaking, we probably will ‘offend’ someone when we share the Gospel – it’s spirtitual warfare) but that doesn’t  mean we shouldn’t. I pray that we remember that we are not alone and it is not us who speaks but the Holy Spirit who gives us utterance. We must always be spirit-driven when it comes to Evangelism and not rely on our own understanding. I’d also say secondly, Jesus is attractive and when we walk with Him, some people just know that we’re different and then they themselves ask ‘what is it about you?’. I often find that as a starting point to tell people about my faith in Jesus Christ.

Second headline:

Only 9% of Christian Millennials read the Bible Daily

Web Link:

So let’s say 1 in 10 read the Bible every day. Argh.
I’m not here to heap condemnation but i do and encourage Christians to develop a close walk with God and to seek His face daily and that includes reading the Bible.  In these uncertain times, i find not just reading but applying the Word of God in my day to day life, renews my perspective and provides me with a sense of direction, purpose and awareness that God is truly with with me. I cannot find that in anywhere else, in my job, relationships, world whatever. Reading the Bible is so important to the growth of a Christian. I do wonder if that statistic was a lot higher, say 50% or more, then would or could we see a city changed for Jesus because we have people living like Jesus did because they read and followed His examples as shown in the Bible?

Lastly, i’m a Millennial Christian myself! and even though these stats don’t neccessarily paint us in a good light, i do strongly believe, know and see that God is doing something new in us and is using us for His Glory. I’m very very happy when i see Godly (Millennial) Men and Women loving, living, serving the Lord Jesus in whatever sphere God has placed them in such as Business, Sports, Music and Ministry – it makes me smile. I mean, if i have to be honest, using my own personal experience and from what i seen and i have grown up with, at face value i didn’t really ‘believe’ these headlines.   Firstly, sharing my faith about Jesus is not new. I rememember being 16, 17, 18 +, wanting to just be this bright light for Jesus. Even if i annoyed you, i would still tell you or you will find our very quickly that i’m a Christian.  Friends and i would go out and tell people about Jesus (it was just a natural reaction). Secondly in response to the second headline, i was always stressed the importance  of ‘being one with the Word’ so for me reading the Bible was not an optional extra but a spiritual discipline that i’ve been taught from my teens.I walked /walk with people who do want to read their Bibles and share the Gospel. I guess what i’m saying is that there’s  more to us that meets the eye however i do encourage people, wherever they are in they are in their journey with God i.e. whether they share faith/don’t share faith or read the bible or not to not live a complacement Christian lifestyle.

National Day of Prayer 2019 – with David Hathaway


Today i went to the National Day of Prayer at 2019 at the Wembley SSE and honestly, it’s been day of mixed emotions. Conviction, repentence (a lot of repentance), time of unity, prayer, prayer and more prayer. Last night, i was so tired and i was thinking of skipping the Prayer Day but i’m glad i didn’t as i know i would have missed a prophetic moment.

Anyways, here are a few key points i wrote down during the service:
-Repentance, Repentance, Repentance is important for the Christian
-Revival won’t happen until we see repentance in the Church
-Our main purpose is to proclaim Jesus in all we do
-God is not only a God of peace but a God of war
-We need to walk in the authority of God
-We must pray for the nation especially ahead of next Tuesday Brexit Vote.

Happy New Year 2019

Hi Friend,
I hope that it’s not too late to wish you a happy new year. I’ve been thinking of blogging for days but i’m glad that i have now been able to 🙂
Before i go on to give you my thoughts and an update on where i’m at, i’d like to first encourage you that regardless of what you see around you or what you feel in you, or the circumstances you find yourself in, just know that God is walking through those valleys with you.
So, this year, things have been moving very quickly. I started the year attending an Oscar’s Party at work, and have helped put on 2-3 day conference for Ministers of the Gospel who have decided  to come and visit London last minute! I cannot complain and i have been taught, blessed are the flexible 🙂
For you, this year i’m believing that it’s going to be a year of Acceleration and that God is going to do loads of things in your life very quickly. You will surely be testifying of His goodness by the end of the year.
And me. I’m also excited at what God is going to do through me and for me this year 2019. I’m very much expectant. If you have met me before you will know and if not, you have probably read, that firstly, i love Jesus and secondly i’ve committed my life to serving Him. This year i will be builiding on the ‘work’ that i have already been doing for a very, very long time i.e. Building His Church, delving deeper into Worship, Empowering the Youth, Standing with my social injustice causes and of course telling people about the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. So if you’ve ever wanted to know some of the things i do, there’s some of them right there! 
I should be blogging some of these ‘adventures’ down so hopefully you can follow, learn and be inspired to do something in your own sphere. As always, there’s so much to say but i intentionally try and keep these blogs short. Until next time.

The Alpha course – Testimony


I trust that you are well and that you are looking forward to Christmas.

I have recently completed a 10-11 week Alpha course which is a series of interactive sessions exploring the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Honestly, I have had some people ask me why on earth am I doing an Alpha course when I’m already a Christian (fair point) but for some reason, this was something on my bucket list. Furthermore, having recently completed a Master’s Degree, I thought that this would be a great way to unwind and meet people keen to learn more about the Christian faith. My plan honestly was to just sit back and ‘sail’ through the 11 weeks. After all, I am a Christian, but God was and is up to something new which I’m so excited to share.

Ok, so where do I start? During my second week of Alpha, I mentioned to some colleagues that I had recently started an Alpha Course. The following week, one of my colleagues asked me if she could join me, then another colleague also asked if he could join as well. Both ended up doing the course with me and enjoyed it.

Going to Alpha certainly started a few conversations about God in my office and other colleagues ended up speaking about their own friends personal experiences doing the Alpha course too. How amazing. Who would have thought going on an Alpha course would start multiple conversations about God in my office.

And that’s not it.

After work, we went out for work drinks, and in this bar, another colleague (not the two mentioned above) said that they also want to join in 2019 and also extended the invitation to a fourth colleague. By this point I was just amazed. So by the grace of God, in 2019, more of my colleagues will start doing the Alpha course too.

I thank God so so much for what He’s doing in my office. I highly recommend inviting friends and family even with a mild interest in the faith to go.

To God be the glory. Until the next blog.

Jennifer 🙂

Power & Love Conference London – Todd White, Tom Ruotolo and Robby Dawkins

Power & Love Conference London 2018
Theme: ****Jesus Loves You – Pray – Pray for the sick
(Repeat) *****
Hello Friends,
I hope that you are
well. Going to try and keep this short and sweet. I’m sorry if this sounds like
a review (it’s not meant to). I just hope that there’s something that you can
take out of this.

Last week I was very fortunate to have attended the Power
and Love event in North West London. Honestly, it was probably one of the best
events I’ve attended in a very long time and I loved the structure of the
event. There was teaching and then most importantly an opportunity for everyone to go out and practice what
they have learnt through outreach. It was good to go out and talk to people
about Jesus, pray for them, give them a Word of Knowledge and pray for healing.
I understand that the above may sound petrifying to someone
who may consider themselves ‘shy’ or whatever, but we don’t go out in our own
strength but the power of the Holy Spirit. I spoke to a lot of people who said
that they have never gone out before but when they did, they saw God move in a
powerful way, simply because they put their own fear aside and availed
themselves. I strongly recommend attending a Power & Love event in any city
around the globe.
The four days were tiresome but fulfilling. I saw signs,
wonders and the miraculous, I remember at times just being blown away by the
Power of God. Children praying for healing and the adults being healed,
countless individuals coming to know Jesus, necks/backs/shoulders healed and
that’s not even the end of it! I’m thankful for this ministry as they are
equipping the saints – this harvest is ripe!
So what did I take out of it? My notebook is full! I’ll
share my own personal ‘stories’ if you like of what happened when we went out
on outreach.
I went to Marble Arch and I spoke a sales assistant who
moved to the UK to pursue a singing career. She believed that God hated her
because, in her words, she does ‘bad things’. She then went on to tell me that
her mum is a Christian etc. To cut the long story short, I told this girl that
I have come into this shop to tell here that God doesn’t hate her, and His arms
are wide open. I met a man whose parents are Pastors, but he doesn’t want
anything to do with God. A woman who I went out with told him that God has been
after him for a very long time. I spoke to youth, telling them that they have a
future. God gave me a word of knowledge for one of them and told me the name of
the school he attended, and he likes to play basketball.
I don’t say this to boast, and i must stress that its not my
own ability but by the Holy Spirit. I would be lying if I said everyone wanted
to hear about what I had to say. There was one woman in particular who was
downright angry but on the flip side, I met another Christian brother who said
its encouraging seeing young woman go out to share the gospel. God is doing a
new thing.
There’s so much that I can say but I really suggested having
a look at some of the resources available by Lifestyle Christianity. I can go
on and on but I’ll stop here.
Until next time
Lifestyle Christianity:
Here are some photos taken from the event and Vision Breakfast

UK Gang Crime Prayer Campaign

Hi Friends,
I hope that you are well.
Just sharing a resource which I’ve discovered
It’s a basically a website highlighting a new campaign called ‘Peace on our streets’ which seems to bring Christians together to PRAY against the increase in gang and knife crime which we’re seeing in the UK.
Although there’s alot that we need to do, prayer is a good start. 🙂
In Christ,