‘Love Nigeria’ event – London

Hi Friends,
I trust that you are well.

I have just come back from a very informative and
eye-opening event at St Marys Church in London called “Love Nigeria”.
The event was about Persecution in (predominately) Northern Nigeria. We also
Skype interviewed a Pastor in Northern Nigeria whose Church was targeted by a
known terrorist group and now, his Church now mostly consists of Orphans and

I must say, that my emotions were mixed tonight. At times I
was pretty sad and other moments happy, but at the end of it all, Jesus said in
His Word that we will suffer for His Names sake ( 1 Peter 4:12-14)  – it’s part of the inheritance.  Furthermore, He will build His Church and not
even the forces of darkness will prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).

I spoke to one of the members of the team tonight and he
mentioned that Nigeria is 14th on the list for Christian Persecution, and in
actual fact, this figure should be higher. Nigeria is a strategic country in
West Africa so it’s so so important
that Christians pray. I can talk about the political and tribal element of the persecution,
but this doesn’t dismiss the fact that we all need to pray.

If there’s one thing i took from tonight, it’s this.

We must pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Nigeria and
remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35). We
are more than conquers through Christ Jesus (Romans 8:37).

There is a blessing in obedience

Hi Friends,

I hope that you are well.

It has been an intense period for me recently and i have so much to share but in all, Jesus Is Lord. I’m so excited!

With this short blog tonight, i just wanted to encourage someone that you should always be obedient to the voice of God. There is a blessing in obedience and it is so clear in His word:

“If you love Me keep My commandments”. 

John 14:15

For example, just by believing and taking God at His Word when He is speaking, we should just do what He says. Just have faith and believe.
To give you a testimony which i heard today, a friend of mine was believing God for supernatural provision to cover a course. She believed God said to her to setup a crowd funding page which she did straight away and in just over a month she literally raised all of the money she needed for her course starting this academic year. And this course costs thousands of pounds, not in the hundreds, thousands
Is God not wonderful! 
I highlighted straight away because, when God speaks, we need to act and cannot be passive. Delayed obedience is disobedience.
Anyways, Gods arm is not short and He is able to do exceedingly above what we can ever ask or think and He gives so many good things to His Children.
Also, if you would like to stand with you and pray with you, do let me know and i will gladly do so!
In Christ!

‘Pick n mix’ – What i’ve been listening/reading


I trust that you are well!

I like to read (a broad range of material) and this week i’ve just come across a range of articles and YouTube videos that have just inspired me or made me just thank God for being God and for the Holy Spirit.

So, if you have time, have a look:

YouTube Videos:

Billy Graham -The University of Life-  (favourite part from 23minutes onwards)


Pastor Benny Hinn – Prayer for a young girl and her boyfriend



Desiring God article (great advice which i’ll be taking on board) – If i were 22 again.


Desiring God – 135 years since the death of William Wilberforce article here

On a completely different and random note, one of my favourite Billy Graham quotes this week. Someone came up to him at Church and said ‘Being single in the Church is like Noah’s ark. If you are not paired your impaired’. LOL. I don’t believe that by the way! Argh, some people, the stuff that comes out of peoples mouths! But on a serious note, I believe singleness has it’s purpose and can be used for the Glory of Jesus Christ (particulary in ministry). Original message can be seen here

That should keep you busy 🙂

Until the next blog! PEACE!

If you have just discovered me – HELLO!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. 
My name is Jennifer, i’m a proud Londoner and i like tea!
I started this blog about 10 or so years ago, about my walk with the Lord Jesus and whilst it has been a dream and knowing Him my joy, the Christian walk has also come with it’s fair share of trials BUT i can testify of His Faithfulness and that He is so GOOD.
The aim and purpose of this blog is to inspire you to not
only know Jesus more personally but to use whatever gifting’s He’s placed in
you to influence the world around you. I just write about my adventures, hoping
that they can possible stir, encourage and challenge you on this inside. God
knows, we all have room for improvement.
So if you’re interested, subscribe and let’s stay connected!
Much love 🙂

Fill my Cup – Atlanta (USA)

Hi All,
Welcome to June’s blog entry!
I’ve been meaning to squeeze one in before month end!
Uploading this blog tonight will be one of my positive moments of the day. I’m
not exactly elated after Portugal defeat today but it is well. Uruguay did well
and Portugal played well, however there’s always the next World Cup!
There’s so much to say.
So much.
But I am trying to keep these blogs short and sweet and
engaging for you, so I will jump right in!
I’ve recently come back from holiday in America (Atlanta)
and it was just mind-blowing! Spiritually, physically, relationally – just
amazing! It’s such a random place to go right? But that’s the thing with God – He’s
unpredictable! A friend of mine invited me to go with her and honestly I was
just looking forward to sightseeing, not knowing that God had so much more for
us in store.
Psalm 23:5 was the Word I heard from the Lord.
Psalm 23:5 New King James Version (NKJV)
“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.”

I thought I was going to America to just chill and do
nothing, not knowing that God wanted me to understand the importance of being
full of Him. This is so that I can go back to the vineyard He’s placed me (and
continue to serve Him more effectively). And on that note, a vineyard, doesn’t
have to be a Church, it can be a job, community or family or wherever you find
yourself in.
We did a lot, sightseeing, meeting people, EATING (my
goodness) and attended the Pinky Promise Conference (with Ps Heather Lindsay
and Ps Sarah Jakes Roberts). I thank God for their lives and for that ministry
– they will continue to soar!
I’d just like to share a few things from my quiet time
whilst I was out there. By quiet time, I mean spending alone time with the Lord.
Just thoughts to ponder and challenge. Here it goes:
·      – Your identity is not in your ministry and in
what you do but it’s in Christ Jesus
·      – He alone satisfies
·      – Let go of the past. End of.
·      – Weed out anything that doesn’t resemble to
character of Christ in you
·      – Use your gifts and talents for edification of
His Kingdom
·      – You can’t do ministry without the Holy Spirit –
forget it – this work is not a ‘carnal’ work
·     –  Know that God walks with you
·     –  Develop that deep thirst and hunger for God
God desires to fill us up with His Spirit until our cup runs
So this is the takeaway and prayer point. It’s for God to
remove anything from us, that’s not of Him i.e. lust or greed or unforgiveness
for example so as to not hinder the Spirit from working in and through us.
This post is not to condemn but to set free.

We’re all on a journey J

The Graffiti Guy

Hello. I hope that you are well!
One thing I love about the Christian walk is that it’s an
adventure. I know I sound like a broken record (as I keep saying this), but it
is!  It comes with its highs and lows,
but one thing I have learnt over the years is God’s faithfulness! Another thing
(which I have to put out there and as you know) is that serving God is not all
that glamorous. Okay, it comes with blessings but that’s not my primary
motivation to serve. I do so because I love Him and He’s called me.
So, last Saturday I went out for Evangelism and I’m going to
be honest with you, I was so so tired and boiling from the weather.
In hindsight, that may not have been the best combination for evangelism on
that day, and I did question myself if I should have stepped out the house!
Just as I was heading back to meet friends, I met a street
graffiti artist and ended up have a 5-10 minute conversation with him about
graffiti. I have never met or even spoken to someone about graffiti before. We
spoke about graffiti on trains and how long he’s been doing graffiti etc. He
had permission from the shop owner to create the art and he gave me permission
to take the below photo. J
So that afternoon, I went from talking about God and the
local Church to Graffiti. And it reminded me, and this is the key point. When
you follow Christ, He opens doors and introduces you to pretty cool/interesting
people. On a personal note, some of my greatest relationships have come out of
serving Him and I’m so thankful for that.
What I want you to take away is this. By serving Him and by
putting Him first, you will meet the people you need to meet and the doors will
just open for you effortlessly.

Be encouraged!

Embrace the season Part 1

Embracing the season…Part 1
Hello. I hope you’re well. 
Yesterday, i was sitting at my desk at work and I realised that I haven’t posted a new blog in a while. I did question if there’s anything ‘exciting’ or ‘action packed’ going on in my life right now. Nothing sprang to mind. 
But then I realised, just write about these moments of ‘nothing’ and in particular the quiet moments and the moments where it seems like nothing is happening or when God is silent. Sometimes it’s in the mundaine moments, these still moments, wHis purpose (Romans 8:28). I cannot be last if i put God first. You cannot be last if you put God first.

here we begin to trust in God and see God really shape us and work on our character. I may be in (or what I think I may be in) a dry place but that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Above all, my life is in Gods hands and my times are in Gods hand (Psalm 31:5). Furthermore, i serve a God who’s more than able to make all things work out for my good according to

God first.
God first.
God first.
That’s right. It’s God first.

Note to myself, instead of chasing the wind, maybe i should just embrace the season i’m in, whilst enjoying the ride with Him by my side.

But on a personal level, in case you’re wondering what i’m doing with my life (aside from work), over the past three years specifically, I’ve been plugged into a local Church and my focus has literally been on using my gifts to build the Church God has placed me in. I do more administrative stuff etc.

I haven’t lead a connect group in years and I haven’t hosted a university revival event since 2012-2013 or there about. Honestly, I still think of those days with great fondness.  The work I do now for the Lord is absolutely different from what I did 5, 6, 7,8 years ago. Let’s not pretend administration is the glossiest job, coolest or sought after channel of service (shallow reasons to serve by the way) but Churches need administrators.

For me, i guess over the next blog or two, i’ll unpack how we can embrace the now and write down some thoughts to take away. That should keep me busy!

Until the next post! Love you in the Lord

I’ll continue another time…

P.S Pray for me 🙂

Singing to God in Silence

Happy New Year all – First blog of 2018 😊

I may have written before that we should pray for the
persecuted Church worldwide. A country that may spring to mind for Christian
persecution is North Korea. Obviously, this saddens me but tonight God really
did encourage me. Tonight, I heard stories from people who’ve lived in Korea,
talking about how Christianity, particularly in South Korea has grown (especially
rapidly over the past century).

Obviously, I had to ask about the North. When it comes to
attending Church and worshipping God, Christians may not be able to sing and
praise God openly like we can in the UK, but they do sing unto God silently.
I’ve never heard of this before and to be honest it really did intrigue me that
despite the persecution they won’t stop worshipping God. So how can we despite
our troubles? After all, He is faithful. We mustn’t take worshipping God freely
for granted. In fact, you can read about silent worship here: https://opendoorsyouth.org/article/silent-worship/

 Bringing it home, we can learn a thing or two from the North
Koreans, in that you can still meet with God in the silence and solitude.

Scriptures to consider include:

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I
will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” – (Psalm

‘Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him’ –
(Psalm 37:7)

“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my
expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defence;
I shall not be moved” – (Psalm 62:5-6)

Developing the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude
is important as it leads us to further intimacy with God, as we are no longer
focusing on issues of life and this world. We’re able to focus our attention solely
on Him. When you pray, be quiet and let Him speak to you. You’ll learn to
recognise His voice more and more the more you dwell in His presence.

 Be encouraged and Church keep praying for North Korea.

Fire 17 Highlights (London – CfAN)

“We don’t need another conference but an encounter with Jesus”

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

I was certainly the loud one at the back who screamed

That was probably my biggest take out from Fire Conference
2017 (theme Taking Action) a few days ago. By the way Fire 17 is a conference
hosted by the Christ for all Nations (Cfan) ministry if you don’t know. If
you’re also not acquainted with the ministry I encourage you to visit their
website here.

I thank God for even giving me the opportunity to go. If I
have to be honest I went with the intention of listening to specific
speakers who I admire however I left with so much more. I left inspired, challenged
and equipped.

The first day was like being given a pep talk on how I can
serve God better.

The second day was all about knowing Jesus and drawing
closer to Him. And for someone who has given her life to serve God and walks
with Jesus, I thought I was in a good place but boy how wrong was I!

There’s so so much more to this Christian walk! And we can
never graduate from knowing Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been saved 5
years, 20 years or 6 days, we need to know Jesus more and draw closer to the
Holy Spirit every single day. Jesus is the only one who truly satisfies and
fulfils our deepest longings/desires. This sounds so simple and ordinary but
this beautiful fellowship with Jesus is something we can simply put aside as we
get on with our busy daily lives. My challenge going forward is to never stay
complacent and to know Jesus more! To hear this was so refreshing. Sometimes we
really need to just stop and be in wonder of Him.

That’s what I took out of it.

I include some resources for your pleasure.

(Evangelist Eric Gilmour’s YouTube Channel) – Highly recommended!

(Fire 17 Conference London)

Yours in Christ