Happy New Year 2019

Hi Friend,
I hope that it’s not too late to wish you a happy new year. I’ve been thinking of blogging for days but i’m glad that i have now been able to 🙂
Before i go on to give you my thoughts and an update on where i’m at, i’d like to first encourage you that regardless of what you see around you or what you feel in you, or the circumstances you find yourself in, just know that God is walking through those valleys with you.
So, this year, things have been moving very quickly. I started the year attending an Oscar’s Party at work, and have helped put on 2-3 day conference for Ministers of the Gospel who have decided  to come and visit London last minute! I cannot complain and i have been taught, blessed are the flexible 🙂
For you, this year i’m believing that it’s going to be a year of Acceleration and that God is going to do loads of things in your life very quickly. You will surely be testifying of His goodness by the end of the year.
And me. I’m also excited at what God is going to do through me and for me this year 2019. I’m very much expectant. If you have met me before you will know and if not, you have probably read, that firstly, i love Jesus and secondly i’ve committed my life to serving Him. This year i will be builiding on the ‘work’ that i have already been doing for a very, very long time i.e. Building His Church, delving deeper into Worship, Empowering the Youth, Standing with my social injustice causes and of course telling people about the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. So if you’ve ever wanted to know some of the things i do, there’s some of them right there!
I should be blogging some of these ‘adventures’ down so hopefully you can follow, learn and be inspired to do something in your own sphere. As always, there’s so much to say but i intentionally try and keep these blogs short. Until next time.

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