‘Pick n mix’ – What i’ve been listening/reading


I trust that you are well!

I like to read (a broad range of material) and this week i’ve just come across a range of articles and YouTube videos that have just inspired me or made me just thank God for being God and for the Holy Spirit.

So, if you have time, have a look:

YouTube Videos:

Billy Graham -The University of Life-  (favourite part from 23minutes onwards)


Pastor Benny Hinn – Prayer for a young girl and her boyfriend



Desiring God article (great advice which i’ll be taking on board) – If i were 22 again.


Desiring God – 135 years since the death of William Wilberforce article here

On a completely different and random note, one of my favourite Billy Graham quotes this week. Someone came up to him at Church and said ‘Being single in the Church is like Noah’s ark. If you are not paired your impaired’. LOL. I don’t believe that by the way! Argh, some people, the stuff that comes out of peoples mouths! But on a serious note, I believe singleness has it’s purpose and can be used for the Glory of Jesus Christ (particulary in ministry). Original message can be seen here

That should keep you busy 🙂

Until the next blog! PEACE!

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