Power & Love Conference London – Todd White, Tom Ruotolo and Robby Dawkins

Power & Love Conference London 2018
Theme: ****Jesus Loves You – Pray – Pray for the sick
(Repeat) *****
Hello Friends,
I hope that you are
well. Going to try and keep this short and sweet. I’m sorry if this sounds like
a review (it’s not meant to). I just hope that there’s something that you can
take out of this.

Last week I was very fortunate to have attended the Power
and Love event in North West London. Honestly, it was probably one of the best
events I’ve attended in a very long time and I loved the structure of the
event. There was teaching and then most importantly an opportunity for everyone to go out and practice what
they have learnt through outreach. It was good to go out and talk to people
about Jesus, pray for them, give them a Word of Knowledge and pray for healing.
I understand that the above may sound petrifying to someone
who may consider themselves ‘shy’ or whatever, but we don’t go out in our own
strength but the power of the Holy Spirit. I spoke to a lot of people who said
that they have never gone out before but when they did, they saw God move in a
powerful way, simply because they put their own fear aside and availed
themselves. I strongly recommend attending a Power & Love event in any city
around the globe.
The four days were tiresome but fulfilling. I saw signs,
wonders and the miraculous, I remember at times just being blown away by the
Power of God. Children praying for healing and the adults being healed,
countless individuals coming to know Jesus, necks/backs/shoulders healed and
that’s not even the end of it! I’m thankful for this ministry as they are
equipping the saints – this harvest is ripe!
So what did I take out of it? My notebook is full! I’ll
share my own personal ‘stories’ if you like of what happened when we went out
on outreach.
I went to Marble Arch and I spoke a sales assistant who
moved to the UK to pursue a singing career. She believed that God hated her
because, in her words, she does ‘bad things’. She then went on to tell me that
her mum is a Christian etc. To cut the long story short, I told this girl that
I have come into this shop to tell here that God doesn’t hate her, and His arms
are wide open. I met a man whose parents are Pastors, but he doesn’t want
anything to do with God. A woman who I went out with told him that God has been
after him for a very long time. I spoke to youth, telling them that they have a
future. God gave me a word of knowledge for one of them and told me the name of
the school he attended, and he likes to play basketball.
I don’t say this to boast, and i must stress that its not my
own ability but by the Holy Spirit. I would be lying if I said everyone wanted
to hear about what I had to say. There was one woman in particular who was
downright angry but on the flip side, I met another Christian brother who said
its encouraging seeing young woman go out to share the gospel. God is doing a
new thing.
There’s so much that I can say but I really suggested having
a look at some of the resources available by Lifestyle Christianity. I can go
on and on but I’ll stop here.
Until next time
Lifestyle Christianity: https://lifestylechristianity.com/
Here are some photos taken from the event and Vision Breakfast

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