Quick update – My eventful weekend

Hi Friends,

I hope that you are well. This weekend has been so eventful and a massive eye-opener highlighting the many current issues affecting society today. Personally, as Christians i don’t think that we should live with our head in the sand regarding the events that’s happening around us, in our communities, cities and churches but rather approach these topics with a heavenly wisdom as it’s clear that people do have a lot questions.

So this weekend i attended the following:
1- Women in Power Event listening to speakers from fields of law, politics and business on Friday North London
    This was hosted on International Womens Day and explored the reality of being a woman with influence in the UK at the moment, as well as reflecting over on the lives of women during the past century

2- TCP (Trauma, The Church and Pyschosis) event on Saturday in South London 

Loved this. This event was discussing the importance of raising awareness and addressing the key stigmas (in and outside of the Church) when it comes to mental health. God willing i’ll be able to unpick this in another post but to summarise here, we explored the practical side of dealing with an individual with an acute mental illness as well as reconcilling that to the spiritual i.e not neglecting prayer and remembering that Jesus died so that we can be free and healed from all transgressions.

3 – Prophetic Encounter (Fri-Sun) event at my home Church North London

Led by a visiting Minister of the Gospel from Canada and he was just a blessing to have with us.

As always and unexpectedly, it just so happened that these events fell at the same weekend, but i’m just glad that i was able to make it to all. There’s so much to say on each event but i am hoping to share some new info with you soon (especially in regards to the Mental Health event). So watch this space more info to follow 🙂

In Christ,

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