The Alpha course – Testimony


I trust that you are well and that you are looking forward to Christmas.

I have recently completed a 10-11 week Alpha course which is a series of interactive sessions exploring the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Honestly, I have had some people ask me why on earth am I doing an Alpha course when I’m already a Christian (fair point) but for some reason, this was something on my bucket list. Furthermore, having recently completed a Master’s Degree, I thought that this would be a great way to unwind and meet people keen to learn more about the Christian faith. My plan honestly was to just sit back and ‘sail’ through the 11 weeks. After all, I am a Christian, but God was and is up to something new which I’m so excited to share.

Ok, so where do I start? During my second week of Alpha, I mentioned to some colleagues that I had recently started an Alpha Course. The following week, one of my colleagues asked me if she could join me, then another colleague also asked if he could join as well. Both ended up doing the course with me and enjoyed it.

Going to Alpha certainly started a few conversations about God in my office and other colleagues ended up speaking about their own friends personal experiences doing the Alpha course too. How amazing. Who would have thought going on an Alpha course would start multiple conversations about God in my office.

And that’s not it.

After work, we went out for work drinks, and in this bar, another colleague (not the two mentioned above) said that they also want to join in 2019 and also extended the invitation to a fourth colleague. By this point I was just amazed. So by the grace of God, in 2019, more of my colleagues will start doing the Alpha course too.

I thank God so so much for what He’s doing in my office. I highly recommend inviting friends and family even with a mild interest in the faith to go.

To God be the glory. Until the next blog.

Jennifer 🙂

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