We’re changing the narrative – A Millennial Response

A Millennial Response- we’re changing the narrative.

There’s this guy in my office who hot desks and when he comes into the office, he always brings us fruit. And it’s not long until he starts going on about Millennials, so those of us born between 1981 to 1996 (aged between 23 to 38 ish) . He always seems to make a comment about Millennials and honestly i have no idea (i just say thank you and take the fruit). It also seems that now Christian Millennials are being looked at by Christian organisations too (to learn more about our Christian lifestyles), and some of the findings conducted by these surveys sound alarming. As a Millenial myself, i don’t find these stats particularly encouraging, but i do think that we can do something new or different to change the narrative.

First headline which i read last week by the Barna Group:
“Almost Half of Practicing Christian Millennials Say Evangelism Is Wrong”.
Web link: https://www.barna.com/research/millennials-oppose-evangelism/?fbclid=IwAR0u_tbyvDkFcnWeO1_-61NMLpXAaFxslkxd6UsgjiUBvnu3f9rogx2Ih1s

Emotions aside, my first response to this headline was what does the scriptures say and most importantly, what does Jesus say? After all, He is who we follow. If there’s one thing i see crippling people it’s fear, and in this context, the fear to cause offence for the Gospel sake. Honestly speaking, we probably will ‘offend’ someone when we share the Gospel – it’s spirtitual warfare) but that doesn’t  mean we shouldn’t. I pray that we remember that we are not alone and it is not us who speaks but the Holy Spirit who gives us utterance. We must always be spirit-driven when it comes to Evangelism and not rely on our own understanding. I’d also say secondly, Jesus is attractive and when we walk with Him, some people just know that we’re different and then they themselves ask ‘what is it about you?’. I often find that as a starting point to tell people about my faith in Jesus Christ.

Second headline:

Only 9% of Christian Millennials read the Bible Daily

Web Link: https://www.premierchristianity.com/Blog/Only-9-of-Christian-Millennials-read-the-Bible-daily.-And-we-ve-only-got-ourselves-to-blame

So let’s say 1 in 10 read the Bible every day. Argh.
I’m not here to heap condemnation but i do and encourage Christians to develop a close walk with God and to seek His face daily and that includes reading the Bible.  In these uncertain times, i find not just reading but applying the Word of God in my day to day life, renews my perspective and provides me with a sense of direction, purpose and awareness that God is truly with with me. I cannot find that in anywhere else, in my job, relationships, world whatever. Reading the Bible is so important to the growth of a Christian. I do wonder if that statistic was a lot higher, say 50% or more, then would or could we see a city changed for Jesus because we have people living like Jesus did because they read and followed His examples as shown in the Bible?

Lastly, i’m a Millennial Christian myself! and even though these stats don’t neccessarily paint us in a good light, i do strongly believe, know and see that God is doing something new in us and is using us for His Glory. I’m very very happy when i see Godly (Millennial) Men and Women loving, living, serving the Lord Jesus in whatever sphere God has placed them in such as Business, Sports, Music and Ministry – it makes me smile. I mean, if i have to be honest, using my own personal experience and from what i seen and i have grown up with, at face value i didn’t really ‘believe’ these headlines.   Firstly, sharing my faith about Jesus is not new. I rememember being 16, 17, 18 +, wanting to just be this bright light for Jesus. Even if i annoyed you, i would still tell you or you will find our very quickly that i’m a Christian.  Friends and i would go out and tell people about Jesus (it was just a natural reaction). Secondly in response to the second headline, i was always stressed the importance  of ‘being one with the Word’ so for me reading the Bible was not an optional extra but a spiritual discipline that i’ve been taught from my teens.I walked /walk with people who do want to read their Bibles and share the Gospel. I guess what i’m saying is that there’s  more to us that meets the eye however i do encourage people, wherever they are in they are in their journey with God i.e. whether they share faith/don’t share faith or read the bible or not to not live a complacement Christian lifestyle.

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